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Traditionally Non-Traditional

is pretty much how my style has been - the first time in business and this go round. And this was one topic I knew I wanted to touch on this week to explain - "Why Desert Poppy?".

All those years ago, I found success in my shop, for the simple fact that I was different. Starting with yesterday's topic of unmatched customer service. Secondarily because my FLOWERS were different. I did not carry what other, more traditional shops carried. The flower world is vast, so why promote the same old flowers that everyone else did? Why not show what ELSE is out there? Make people love beauty that they didn't even know existed? I know what's around. I know what people are used to seeing. Used to ordering. The rush of today and the need for convenience has brought the flower world to what I see as.........repetition. You can walk into many floral shops and grocery stores today and see that same dozen roses with baby's breath, or mixed bunches of pom poms and carnations, or lilies and leather leaf. What people aren't used to seeing nowadays is what is in my cooler. No baby's breath, but filler flowers to die for. Yeah, I've got roses, but these roses are unmatched. Between unusual varieties and colors and more importantly, freshness. Carnations and mums - I've got some. Bet you've never seen the varieties I get my hands on. But come on - let's love on the snapdragons and stock and protea and delphinium and lilac and bells of Ireland and ranunculus.....and ........ and......

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