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My name is Gini, but I am often called by my Starbucks name - Gina, Jenny, Geanie or any variation there of. I’m 58 years old and can feel it every morning when I wake up. I’m married 31 years to my also self employed husband Bill and we have 3 kids of which, 2 are “adults” now. We’ve crisscrossed the country a couple times, currently calling AZ home. 


I am funny and sarcastic and sometimes they are one in the same. I love hard- people, things, situations, etc and think coupling that with loyalty, is the key to success. I am strong willed and passionate which I’m sure people who know me have various interpretations of that. And I am a professional overthinker, but the pay sucks. 


I love coffee, the darker the better. Kombucha is close second. Add some collagen protein and I’m hoping to live forever. Or at least with less joint pain. Food? Eh, I don’t really have favorites. I love to hike with my pupper, but not while Satan is in town. I want to exercise more but that’s as far as that thought goes. I am a Free People fanatic and if I’m not in flip flops, I’m wearing Chucks. I color my hair every 5 weeks and have made peace with my wrinkles. I, annoyingly, IMBD absolutely every movie I try to watch on Netflix or Prime. I am a fan of tattoos. And my favorite emoji is the rolling eyes. 


I’ve been creative my entire life. Owned my first floral shop in CT at a time where we had the yellow pages, not the internet. Gave up that passion to pursue a fulfilling 18 year job as Mom. Call it midlife crisis, the mom gig coming to an end, maybe a little boredom, but I’m back at it. Me and the 75,632 other floral designers in the Scottsdale/Phoenix area. Just over here finding my niche. With all the excitement and a little anxiety that this 54 year old body can muster up, doing what I absolutely LOVE to do, in a brick and mortar studio space that I’ve created myself that is extraordinarily super cool.


Here are some non-flower fun facts about me:


I prefer red pen over any other color pen.

I have to keep the temperature or volume on an even number.

I believe in mediums and the afterlife.

I have six tattoos.

I prefer a shower over a bath.

I have never had a massage.

I only wear eye makeup and have never worn makeup makeup on my face.

I grew up listening to Italian opera, and learned to love all music except country.

I actually met the singer Seal multiple times.

I am a Cancer.

And I’ve lost most of my family to cancer.

I love the beach and didn’t learn how to swim until I was an adult.

I have terrible insomnia.

My favorite color is purple.

I love watching football.

And I curse a lot when I do. Actually I curse all the time.

I want to retire to the Caribbean and weave baskets.

Send along any additional questions on my contact page, in case I didn't tell you enough on here.....

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