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Nailed It!

Having an e-commerce website and a wire service (the ability to send and receive floral orders outside of your delivery area) is predominately where I run into this "problem". And problem is a strong word here, so let's calm down.

Someone placing any kind of online order wants to have some sort of control over what gets sent out and picks a picture of a floral arrangement. I TOTALLY get that one would want to see what they are spending their money on. I do.

But let's say I handed a painter a big giant paint by number poster for them to paint for me.They'd do it. And do it well.

For me? I fill the order. And I do it well. But there is just something missing for me as a designer. I am left feeling that it is just not my best work. Inevitably, I tweak it here or there, or add a different green to make it more interesting, or give it more of a open airy feel, if it's texturally missing something.

But I still feel like it just isn't my best work, because it's not coming from my soul. Art/design originates from deep within you.

And as I type this post, I received a wire order online. Don't get me wrong - I truly believe all flowers are beautiful, but my favorite words to see on an order are "designer's choice". This will not be one of those, lol. But all is good. I am super grateful to have an awesome wire service that helps extend to joy of flower giving!

You know those NAILED IT photo comparisons you see? I don't think I fall into that category, thank goodness. But it makes me laugh, nonetheless.

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