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Customer Service

The last couple of blog posts have been about wedding flowers. Throw this one in there too, but this is more of an overall, all inclusive - let's say - observation.

At the early stages of being a new business, I rack my brain everyday, when I put my "marketing" hat on, for ways that make sense to me. I laugh here, because I know some VERY talented marketers. None of which are me, but money.....ya' know.

Anyway. My go to, get ideas for ways I'd like to market the business, seems to be putting myself as the customer. What do I look for or what would I look for, if I were the person in need of flowers? And let's keep in mind, let's say for instance we are talking about the valley here in Arizona. Scottsdale, Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, etc. There have got to be 792 florists/floral designers/event only. There is no lack of competition out there. How would I sift through all of them to work with or order from the one that is right for me. Well.....

1. Someone who is going to listen to me. And actually hear what I'm saying.

2. Someone who communicates back - with honesty. (I kinda love that)

3. Someone who is going to do something especially tailored to me, my thoughts, my visions, and then run with their talented self.

Let me explain.

Those 3 things matter. To me and to Desert Poppy's future. I don't care if you are calling me to order flowers for a friend who's pet has passed away, or it's someone's birthday and they prefer tropicals, or a get well recipient is allergic to lilies. I am going to listen and ask a few key questions. That's called CUSTOMER SERVICE. I am going to communicate with you about my design ideas. That's recognizing you are my CUSTOMER. And then I am going to do my job. That is CUSTOM.

Let me jump back to the 'I'm a customer' side - What I don't want to see is a cookie cutter website. I don't want to click a picture to pick out an arrangement. I don't want to look at a brochure of wedding flowers and pick a package. I don't want to not be able to have input. I need flexibility. I need someone to care that I have a budget.

Ok, and now back to the (amateurish) 'marketer'. Searching out and reaching those customers who, like me, want and need the personalization and customization when it comes to flowers (or anything really) is definitely who I am focusing on. Sometimes in the sea of 792, it feels like I am drowning trying to reach people, but there are days where I can tell you, I succeed, and it is totally worth it! I'm reeling in customers for life.

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