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PICKUP OR DELIVERY - Watch what we can do when we start adding things to arrangements like fruit, or veggies, or succulents or who knows what. Starting at $85. Not specifically as pictured. 24 hour notice to ensure product availability.


PriceFrom $85.00
  • This is what you order when you want something different. When you want to mix it up a bit. Outstanding gift for men, who love flowers, but mixing it up a bit, gives it a bit of a masculine touch. 24 hour notice to ensure product availability.

  • We deliver to Scottsdale, Monday thru Saturday, with a minimum order of $85 with a $15 delivery fee.  Same day delivery available if ordered by 11:00am. Holidays excluded. Pickups during normal business hours - Tuesday thru Saturday. Requests for timed deliveries will not be honored for online orders. You must call to place your order.

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