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Why Workshops?

Let's talk about workshops for a sec.

So, prior to opening the studio, I had a custom, 10 foot steel and wood, amazingly awesome workbench on wheels made as the centerpiece for my space. Knowing that down the road, I wanted to use it for workshops. First off, workshops get people in here, and I love the prospect of seeing everyones reaction to the store. The openness, the hip and cool and comfortable, relaxed vibe that I wanted to create. And isn't that the most perfect setting for hanging out with a bunch of people, creating great things??

Just think, you are a business owner or a manager and you need to come up with a team building event for your employees. It's getting hot out now and you can only go on so many hikes with the gang. Or you're hosting a grad party, or a baby shower or bridal shower, a birthday party and you are totally into DIY. Well, I've got everything you need here. Instead of your 'running around ragged trying to pick every little item up that you need for your centerpieces' becomes its own project, just come here. From custom colors, containers etc - I do that, you come and play. How about getting the kids OFF their phones and iPads and doing something over summer break? What if we did that in conjunction with a give back to make someone's day a little brighter? Kids creating something beautiful and sharing it with sick kids at HonorHealth Scottsdale, or an elderly assisted living facilities lunch room. That sounds like something wonderful to me. Interested in any of these, or have your own ideas? Send us a message. Let's get a private workshop on the calendar.

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