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Why brick and mortar?

So, there was an option a couple of months ago when I decided to get back into the floral business. That option was a home-based business. I say option, because it was, but not MY option. My first venture was a full-service, store front flower shop and that was what I wanted this time around, as well. I like people, you see. I like the interaction. I like to share my love with others and to foster their love, for all things floral. I like to provide service. I like to make people feel like each and every time they come in, or talk with me on the phone, that whatever I create, we are actually creating together. Whether it's a simple bouquet of loose cut flowers, a gift basket, a bridal bouquet, a funeral spray - it is a custom arrangement. Personalized. That's what retail is. That's what full service means. Or should. About the customer and the service we provide. When you walk in, or call, or message, or text, or hit my website (the last three - yes - we need to accommodate for today's way of doing things) I promise you, it will be my creation of YOUR vision.

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