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So the next few blogs posts are going to be about weddings since it's the desert southwest here and CLEARLY NOT wedding season.

WHAT I SEE - predominantly what is out there in the world of floral design for wedding work is trendy - and by trendy, right here right now, we are looking at extra large hand-tied bouquets with an intense gathering of lush and drape-y greenery with an emphasis on eucalyptus. Why eucalyptus? is an easy question being that the color palettes in this trend are very earthy usually mixed with the everlasting bridal whites, sometimes adding depth with dark accents. Euc seems to fit right in with those earth tones and not many can give that illustrious draping feel like it. White roses, garden roses, peonies, ranunculus, with the subtleness and sometimes mysteriousness of rich jewel tones. And ALL.THAT.GREENERY.

WHAT I THINK - I love it. Mostly. But as trends do, they come and they go. And this trend seems to outweigh many of the factors that go into designing a bridal bouquet, especially, style of dress, size of the bride, and mostly, overall personality of the bride and groom. The look becomes more about the fact that it's what is hot, and "in" and all over Pinterest as opposed to what I named above. Bouquets are becoming bigger than the brides that have to carry them.

FINAL THOUGHT - I feel for those that have small hands like I do.

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