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The Trickle Down Effect

This week is crazy, hectic. So this is going to be a fast post. But for me, an important one.

I'm one full month in business and I'm starting the week of one of the busiest holidays for the floral trade. So it's still all so new and exciting and scary and worrisome all rolled into one. When I realized that this is the week that my oldest was graduating college, that added to all of the above - tenfold. Do I go? Do I stay?

I didn't even ask myself that.

I'm going. No question about it. AND I will put out the most gorgeous Mother's Day flowers every other day this week, except Thursday. Because family first. Always.

I have always been a firm believer of - you take care of you first. Because you can't be good to anyone else, if you don't. You can't be a good mom or a good wife or a good friend. Then you need to take care of others. Putting those you love, next. Then comes my business. My very new business.

Me, personally......I cannot be the best, if I don't do prioritize in that way. When I look at the big picture, hell - I can do the work. I can put in the long days and nights to get everything done. I can be accessible by phone the day I am closed. I can still make it a priority to make sure my customers feel that I am still present. Even though I will be 1100 miles away for 24 hours. And THOSE, my friends, are the best customers to have.

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