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Self Care

is such a hot topic these days. We have grown accustomed to taking care of everyone else and we suffer at some point. Rarely, do I see someone come in and grab some cut flowers or an arrangement just for themselves. And I think one of those reasons is what yesterday's blog post was about. The cost.

My wares are not necessities by any means. And I think there is definitely a stigma surrounding more unique and unusual flowers, that they are so pricey. So habit is, walk into the grocery store and grab what's there, it's convenient and it is inexpensive.

But I am telling you, there is a difference. I can show you, talk to you, experience with you, teach you about what MY flowers are/do/say/feel/convey.

When you want to send something spectacular to someone, you order from a florist who you have learned to love and trust. Why not show yourself a little self care/self love and grab a few stems for yourself? And the cost? Priceless, actually. So take a minute and take care of you.

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