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Same ol' Prom,

different day. After being out of the business for so long, and discovering how technology has really moved the floral business in a modern direction, now that I am back in business, there are a few trends that I expected would progress as well. But didn't.

Opening during prom season thrust me right into the same ol' same ol', unfortunately. I remember back in the day, absolutely hating the mechanics of making a wristlet, which was the go to item for girls......and apparently still is. All the twisting and turning and flipping and gluing and taping. I know you know what I mean. Keep in mind, everything we make is beautiful. That is why we love it. And yes, the wristlets turn out lovely. But come on. There are so many other super cool alternatives - handheld's, hair pieces, handbag corsages, hoops........

So I beg to think that maybe this is not that the industry isn't moving forward, but kids,'s a tough age. Maybe there is some comfort in the norm. They have enough on their plate to deal with. Why add one more think to have to think about or worry about? So....

I'm gonna keep on making wristlets over here.

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