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Paying the Price

This is the fourth installment of my "Why Desert Poppy" posts. And this is a good one.

While researching how the industry has changed, evolved, progressed, etc over the last 18 years, since I was in business the first time, I noticed something very important. Many shops today, as well as home based floral businesses, have geared their pricing to only high-end consumers. And I get that many home based businesses are event only contractors, but I found it hard to find middle ground florists or designers. Supermarket flowers or luxury flowers. Traditional mum, carnation and baby's breath bouquets or the trendy, compact floral arrangements priced with minimums at 85 dollars. Me? I've always wanted to bring the love of flowers to everyone. I have never wanted anyone to leave here thinking my flowers are out of reach. The question I get the most is "how much do I have to spend to get something nice?". And I laugh. Because everything here is nice. And different. And fresh. And hand picked with love. So if you can spend $15 or spend $115, I know that I've been able to share ALL of what Desert Poppy is about, no matter the price.

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