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Online Buyer Beware

Flowers are gorgeous. All of them. A single stem, and of course a WHOLE big bunch of them. And that's lovely and wonderful and kinda dangerous all at the same time. Especially if you are an online only shopper.

There are multiple sources for consumers to buy flowers online. From a picture. I myself, in this time where it is absolutely a necessity to offer e-commerce on your website, have pictures up. But hopefully, I have taken the proper steps in explaining that it is just that. A picture. An example. That MY arrangements come down to freshness, availability and style.

I actually took some screenshots of pics online from sellers and priced out the flowers, stem by stem. Take a look at the pic below. The pricing would be as follows in order of the pictures - Roses, statice, spray roses, asters - $75 as shown, Mixed bunch of roses, spray roses, sunflowers, single stem mums - $85 as shown, Mixed colored roses - $75 as shown, (This one is my favorite) Mixed mini calla lilies - $202.50 as shown, 1 dozen pink garden roses - $85 as shown. Mind you none of these include a container or are arranged.

Yes, these are offered in different price points, which in my honest opinion, sets one right up for disappointment.

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