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Still talking about weddings over here, but this is completely applicable to this industry in general, I think.

Let's start with the definition - noun: luxury

1. the state of great comfort and extravagant living. "he lived a life of luxury"synonyms:opulence, luxuriousness, sumptuousness, richness, costliness, grandeur, grandness, splendor, magnificence, lavishness, lap of luxury, bed of roses, milk and honey; 2. an inessential, desirable item which is expensive or difficult to obtain. plural noun: luxuries "luxuries like raspberry vinegar and state-of-the-art CD players"synonyms:indulgence, extravagance, self-indulgence, treat, extra, nonessential, frill; refinement "a TV is his only luxury" antonyms:necessity

Well that's a LOT.

WHAT I SEE - "Luxury Florist" is very prominent in the profile descriptions on social media for a lot of floral designers, not just here in AZ but everywhere. The accompanying photos on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest are those of opulence and grandeur. There are flowers ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE for weddings nowadays! And let's face it, I'm in Scottsdale. There clearly is no lack of money here or in neighboring areas! I gotta tell you - in my years as a florist, I've decorated a chuppah or 20. Arches and receptions. Some have been quite over the top. Some have been average. Some have been minimal. But ALL have been incredible. Is my target bride the one looking for extravagance? I'd be lying if I said no. But I want to also target the bride who is simplistic. And the bride that is on a budget. And the bride who is not tied to trends and social media presence.

WHAT I THINK - Labeling is critical when marketing yourself as a new business. Some of those words, in the above definition, seemingly make things seems out of reach for many. And I'm thinking, WHO you're working with, and how that designer is described, is FAR more important. I am, me, the designer, the florist - NOT out of reach. I am personable. I listen. I look. I am honest. I am sensible. And I'm a pretty good designer and am really good at what I do.

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