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and why it is the best policy, even if it come with a price. Or no price, actually. Let me explain.

I stand behind what I sell. I have to. And honest communication with my customers is how that happens.

Some flowers are more readily available than others at various times of the year. With so many grower options from all around the world, product that was often difficult to find off season, is now at our fingertips. But sometimes that means that the product is incredibly expensive. Or smaller in size. Or doesn't last as long. You will absolutely get that from my lips to your ears and be able to make an informed decision. You won't walk out of here having to think to yourself, that you just got ripped off.

I've encounter situations with customers that have VERY specific, steadfast requests. I will always give you my perspective as a designer, whether certain flowers work well with others, or if a particular style or color scheme will achieve the look you want. My name goes on everything.

And pictures. That's where communication and honesty is a must. With Pinterest and services like FTD and Teleflora and even our own websites. Sometimes we can NOT give the customer EXACTLY what is pictured. Availability, access, season, lead time - all those to me - demand flexibility. Why? Because my reputation is important.

If you can't walk out of my shop, or hang up the phone after speaking with me, and trust in my honesty - than I didn't do my job.

After all........YOU are my advertising.

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